About Us

 As an adult acne sufferer, I understand the pressures and anxiety that comes with maintaining day to day acne breakouts.  

I not only suffered from pimples, I suffered from cysts on my face and sometimes on my back.  At 28 years old, I was in the prime of my work and social life.  The last thing I wanted, was to go on a date or host a business presentation with uncontrollable blemishes on my skin. After numerous attempts to repair my skin back to my teenage years with highly priced and highly successful products, I relentlessly accepted the fact that these products were not working for my skin.  I prayed and I waited.  

With the help of my mother, I took to the internet to do research on natural remedies for treating severe acne.  I found several natural ingredients and recipes that claimed success.  I was immediately inspired to research the ingredients and create my own astringent.  After trial and error of measurements, I found the perfect formula for my skin and Citronnier was born.  

After almost 6 years of seeing my skin be restored back to its health, I have decided to share Citronnier with you.  My goal is to help you get your self-esteem and life back. This is why I call this "An Esteem-Care" Acne Product.  Citronnier has changed my life and has helped me to regain my self-esteem.  Citronnier is by no means an acne cure.  I once heard a comedian say "the cure is in the comeback".  

However Citronnier can help you get balanced in managing your breakouts, stopping it from forming if used daily.  It is also important to use the Citronnier Vanilla-Cleanser for optimal results.  It is equally important to use an organic moisturizer.  

I look forward to hearing of your journey back to healthy skin, from the inside/out, with Citronnier!!

Thank you for your order,

Anna L. Robinson

Citronnier Owner & President

FL Licensed Facial Specialist # FB9749055

Florida Name Registration # G13000038083